"We Created the DaBBall™
to Revolutionize Your Dabbing Experience"

The World's First Self-Leveling Dab Container!!!

The DaBBall is the coolest thing to hit the planet since ALIENS! The DaBBall is an out of this world design that pushes the limit of size and function. Before now, opening concentrate containers has been nothing less than a pain in the ass. With the DaBBall, your dabs are guaranteed to be upright inside it's magnetically locking enclosure, as long as you're on earth. With only a fifth turn, the AKS magnetic locking enclosure separates effortlessly, leaving you with easy access to your dabs. If you dab, you know that concentrates will melt and conform to their containers. This is why we designed a container that is self leveling! So when your dabs melt, they melt to the bottom of the container, right where you want them! Your dabs will be waiting for you without fail guaranteed. Throw them anywhere! In your pocket, purse, backpack, and forget about it! your dabs are safe. Try to imagine not having to worry about traveling with your dabs ever again. Attempting this with any other container would be suicide. We believe the DaBBall is going to revolutionize the Dabbing world. We provide a beautiful product that is simple to use and solves the problem of carrying and managing your concentrates. If you're the kind of person who wants a cleaner, easier way to dab, we have a product for you. Transcend the limitations of your current dab containers. Do you want to be the first to have one?

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